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Our Mission: OUR MISSION:Did you know that about 1 Billion people in the world dont have access to clean safe drinking water?
My Name is Rachele Brooke Smith and I am an actress/producer and creator of UnbreakableDreams and soon to be official Charity! I have partnered up with a fellow actress, Jessica Kemejuk, and clothing company IAMMAI, to make this horrific number go down! This is our first act of what The UnbreakableDreams Charity will be all about... Making UnbreakableDreams a reality! This UnbreakableDream is to raise at least $7,000.00 to build a water well in Swaziland, Sibusiso Shiba that will provide a whole village access to clean water as well as provide means for community to flourish! UnbreakableDreams will be working along side At Thirst Project to make this Dreams A REALITY but we need your help to make it possible! (At Thirst Project donates 100% of all donations to cause). you to cause).​Its is our dream to raise this money then go over and personally see this water well built and this village flourish and thrive! We will be documenting this whole adventure and let everyone see exactly how your time, energy, and money is saving lives!​


The Story


Info about Sibusiso Shiba and why I chose this as my Bday wish and UnbreakableDream:
Sibusiso Shiba is a native of Swaziland, and is the man who runs The Thirst Project's programs on the ground there. We first discovered that Sibusiso's village does not have safe water when he casually shared with a visiting Thirst Project Team that his daughter was sick. After some pushing, the Team discovered that she had consumed dirty water from a contaminated source, because that's all they had access to in his village of Edlozini. Naturally, this shocked the Team, because they'd spent MONTHS visiting dozens of other communities with Sibu, and assessing those communities that would receive water from The Thirst Project, and Sibu never once mentioned that his own community was in need.​The Team immediately assessed Sibu's community and discovered that the people there were drinking from contaminated water sources (primarily mountain runoff/streams that were open and exposed to any element/animal that could access and contaminate them.) As a result of drinking from these unprotected water sources, the community has an extremely high (upwards of 50%) rate of Schistosomiasis (drinking contaminated water that causes one to urinate blood) and Cholera. Upon Assessing the community, the Team discovered that it was a unique challenge. The village is situated atop a mountainside and the sprawly community is home to approximately 5,000 people. Because of the fact that the village is spread across the mountain, drilling deep enough and providing a water system that will serve the community's needs will take more than a traditional hand pump well. It will require one of the most complex systems The Thirst Project has ever installed. ​​​​


The Solution


Water is the problem. Water is the solution. It might not cost as much to build and maintain a freshwater well as you think. The average cost for us to build a freshwater well in most developing nations is between $5,000 to $12,000. That means an entire COMMUNITY of people’s lives can be forever saved with as little as $5K. All we have to do is reach the water that already exists in aquifers usually only 100-300 feet underground. One well can provide up to 500 people with clean water indefinitely. One well can save lives.Once wells are completed, we form a water committee within each community that is educated about the importance of hand-washing and proper sanitization and is responsible for ensuring that the well stays clean and maintained. When you bring safe water into a community, disease immediately drops by 80%! Child mortality drops by nearly 99% almost overnight! The solution is too simple and the victory points are too easily attainable for us to continue to ignore the #1 killer of children globally. The solution is water. The solution is us. The solution is YOU.

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Now you can support and be part of the charitable causes that make an impact and help people who are in need of assistance. With your purchase, a percentage of all sales will go directly to the various charities and fundraisers that Unbreakable Dreams and Sacred Charms support.

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Ganesha Bracelet 20% of all sales will go directly to Unbreakable Dream fundraiser to benefit the Thirst Project, an organization that builds and proves fresh water wells in communities suffering from the global water crisis
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20% of all sales from this Unbreakable Dreams Inspire Turquoise Bracelet will go directly to J&R Unbreakable Dreams Fundraiser to benefit the Thirst Project, an organization that builds and provides fresh water wells in communities suffering from the global water crisis.

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